10 Best Cannabis Dispensaries to Visit in Amsterdam – Our Expert Picks

Written: editor | April 18, 2023

Best Cannabis Cafes to Visit in Amsterdam – Our Expert Picks

Many people picture themselves living their best lives in Amsterdam. The marijuana stores are what actually set this city apart from others, despite the fact that it is rich in history and culture. I went to Amsterdam twice this year, and on both trips, I sampled a wide variety of establishments, including restaurants, coffeeshops, and caf├ęs. The following is a list of my top recommendations for cannabis dispensaries in Amsterdam:

The Coffeehouse of the Bulldog

The Bulldog can be found in the middle of Amsterdam’s city center, and it is open every day from nine in the morning until eleven at night. Cannabis may be purchased here at rates ranging from 5 euros per gram (for strains of lower grade) to 15 euros per gram (for strains of higher quality). These prices are considered to be modest. At the Bulldog, you may also take use of a plethora of additional services, such as renting a vaporizer for the hourly rate of 10 euros or purchasing pre-rolled joints at the price of one euro apiece. If this is your first time visiting a coffeeshop or dispensary in Amsterdam or anywhere else in Europe, the staff members are welcoming and informed about all things cannabis; therefore, they will be able to help guide your decision making process as well!

De Dampkring Coffeeshop

The coffeeshop known as De Dampkring can be found in the heart of Amsterdam and has been in operation since since 1976. It is conveniently located just adjacent to the Leidseplein tram station, making it simple to locate. They have a wide variety of cannabis and hash, including some hard-to-find strains originating from both the Netherlands and other countries. Their delicacies are likewise of the highest quality, and they sell a wide variety of confections, ranging from cookies and hard candies to chocolate bars infused with CBD oil, which is a popular purchase for visitors.

Additionally, they provide pre-rolled joints for sale at prices that are affordable, allowing you to just grab one on your way out the door to begin your exploration of Amsterdam’s vibrant nightlife scene.

Coffeehouse in the Grey Area

The Grey Area, which can be found in the middle of Amsterdam, is an excellent spot to visit if you’re searching for somewhere with a competent staff and a cozy atmosphere. Everything from concentrates to edibles can be found on the menu of this dispensary, which provides high-quality items sourced from all over the world.

The doors to Grey Area open at 10:00 am and stay open until 1:00 am (except on Sundays, when they stay open until 1:00 pm).

Coffeehouse in a Green House

Because of its location on the Leidsegracht, the Green House charges slightly higher prices than its competitors. However, given the wide variety of weed and hash available, the additional cost is more than justified. If you aren’t sure what to acquire, the staff is helpful and informed about the things they sell, and they will assist you in selecting something that is suited to your requirements if you ask them. In addition to this, they offer an outstanding assortment of sweets, such as candy bars that are available in a variety of flavors, such as raspberry cheesecake or mint chocolate chip.

The Amnesia Coffeehouse

The coffee shop Amnesia can be found on the Haarlemmerstraat, which is considered to be one of the most important thoroughfares in Amsterdam. It is only a short distance away from Central Station, and it is open every day of the week from nine in the morning until one in the morning.

On the menu, there are items such as hash, edibles, pot, and drinks that may be purchased with a cannabis card (an ID is not necessary). Prices are variable depending on what you purchase, but in general they are not prohibitively expensive, especially when you consider how much money you would save by purchasing legal marijuana rather than obtaining it through the illegal market.

Coffeehouse located in a greenhouse.

If you are looking for a cannabis dispensary in Amsterdam that focuses on providing customers with high-quality marijuana, Greenhouse Coffeeshop is a fantastic location to check out. This coffeeshop, which can be found in the middle of Amsterdam, provides customers with a selection of strains from all over the world, in addition to their very own signature strain, which is known as Greenhouse Amnesia Haze.

The employees at this store are very welcoming, and they are well-informed about the items that they sell. They will be pleased to assist you in finding what you are looking for, as well as answer any concerns that you may have regarding cannabis. It’s simple for first-timers and seasoned smokers alike to have a good time here because the ambiance is laid back yet still active. In addition, costs are affordable: you can anticipate paying between EUR 10-15 per gram, depending on the type of strain(s) or amount (1/8 oz).

Katsu Cannabis Shop (Buitenveldert)

The Katsu Cannabis Shop is a wonderful destination for a trip. It is well-known for its high-quality cannabis and weed products, and it has received many positive reviews on the internet. Because the employees at Katsu are helpful and well-informed, you can put your faith in them to answer any questions or address any issues you may have regarding your purchase.

This is the right dispensary for you if you’re looking for marijuana of a higher quality than average.

The Coffee Shop, Cafe, and Marijuana Dispensary (Grachtengordels) of the White House

In the Grachtengordels neighborhood of Amsterdam is where you’ll find The White House Cafe. It’s a terrific spot to visit if you’re seeking for some cannabis to accompany your morning coffee, or if you’re searching for coffee to accompany some cannabis. This establishment provides its customers with a diverse selection of candies and beverages, some of which are infused with cannabis oil. Since it first opened its doors in 1993, you can trust that these folks know what they’re doing.

Amsterdam is home to a plethora of attractions, many of which are worth seeing.

Coffeeshops are only one of the many interesting destinations that can be found in Amsterdam; the city is home to a wide variety of attractions. At the cannabis cafes, in addition to smoke and edibles, you can also get drinks. Since it is not against the law to smoke cannabis in Amsterdam, you are free to do so whenever you like at any of the city’s coffeeshops.

We hope that you had a good time reading through our rundown of the top cannabis dispensaries in Amsterdam. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries on your planned visit to these or any other stores.