A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Strains: Everything You Need to Know

Written: editor | April 18, 2023

A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Strains: Everything You Need to Know


With so many cannabis strains to choose from, it’s no wonder newcomers to the business can get confused. However, understanding a bit about these different types of flower can help you choose the right one for your needs.

What Is a Cannabis Strains?

A cannabis strain is a specific type of marijuana plant. There are hundreds of types and they all have different effects on your body and mind. The strain is determined by the genetics of the plant, which means that if two plants share similar genetics, they’ll cause similar effects when you smoke them.

The main difference between strains lies in their terpene profile–the aromatic oils released by trichomes on buds and leaves (you may have heard these called “cannabinoids”). These substances combine with receptors throughout our bodies to give each strain its unique flavor and effects.

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Strains

Choosing the right strain is a personal process. You need to consider your goals, preferences, and tolerance level before choosing a strain.

What are you looking for? Do you want a high THC or CBD strain? Are there any health problems that cannabis can help with? Is getting high on weed important to you (or not)? This will help narrow down what type of strain might be best suited for your wants and preferences.

What’s your comfort level? If this is your first time trying cannabis (or even if it isn’t), then picking an indica-dominant hybrid could be ideal for taking it slow with smaller doses–especially if they’re more potent than what’s typically found in dispensaries today! On the other hand, if there’s no risk of feeling too high after consuming one hit off of some Sour Diesel flower than maybe try something more sativa-dominant instead since these tend not only provide better mental stimulation but also last longer due to their higher amounts of cannabidiol…

Why Are There So Many Different Strains?

There are so many different strains of marijuana for a number of reasons. The most clear reason is that each strain has different effects and uses, which can be helpful if you’re looking for something specific. For example, some people use cannabis to help them sleep while others use it to relieve pain or stress.

Another major factor that affects what type of strain you’ll get is its THC level (the chemical responsible for getting you high). Some strains have higher levels than others–and this matters because too much THC can make you feel anxious or nervous instead of relaxed! If this happens, try switching over to an indica-dominant hybrid strain like Girl Scout Cookies or OG Kush which tend to have more CBD (another chemical found in cannabis) than other types of weed do; this will help balance out those unwanted side effects from getting too high on THC alone without losing any benefits from using marijuana at all!

Sativa vs Indica

Sativa strains are known for their energizing effects, while indica strains are known for their relaxing effects. Hybrids are a mix of both sativa and indica, and can therefore have either energizing or relaxing effects based on the strain.

Hybrids can also be bred with other hybrids to make new hybrid strains that have different properties than their parent plants (this is called crossbreeding). Some famous crossbred strains include OG Kush X Blue Dream and Sour Diesel X OG Kush.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid types are a mix of sativa and indica. They can be good for people who want to feel both the energetic effects of sativas and the relaxing effects of indicas, or those who have trouble sleeping at night but still want to be active during the day.

Hybrids are more common than pure strains, so there are more choices if you’re looking for one with specific effects (like an energy boost). They also tend to be more expensive than pure strains because they need more time and resources to grow in perfect conditions before harvesting them properly–which means that hybrids may cost more per gram than other types of cannabis products available at shops or collectives near you!

There are many types of strains but some will be more fit for your needs than others.

Different strains have different results. Some are better for pain relief, others for sleep. Some strains are better for anxiety, others for sadness. You get the idea!

There are many types of cannabis strains and each one has its own characteristics that make it unique from other types of marijuana–and this can be important when picking a strain because some will be more suited for your needs than others.


We hope that this piece has helped you to understand the differences between cannabis strains. There are many different types of strains but some will be more fit for your needs than others. If you’re looking for something that will give you energy and help with pain relief, then an indica type may be best for you. However if anxiety or depression is what worries you most then maybe sativa would work best?